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5 Star Review 12/10/13

Robert C.

Jersey City, NJ
I have eaten here 4-5 times now and feel confident saying this is the best pizza in Hoboken. All of their pizzas are excellent but the biggest standout for me is the Prosciutto and Date (or Fig if in season) pizza. I would also highly recommend the coal fired wings, they are crispy, perfectly seasoned and sauteed with caramelized onions.

If you are looking for great pizza and wings I would highly recommend San Giuseppe. FYI it's a BYOB

5 Star Review 11/28/2013

Dancin' G.

Hoboken, NJ
My boyfriend, friends and I love this place! The ambience is perfect. The service is good and the food is the BEST in Hoboken. It has unique flavors of pizza that will leave you dreaming for more in the middle of the night. The wings with the caramelized onions are outstanding! It's also BYOB so who could ask for anything more!?! A hidden gem in the back corner of town! Hit it up!!!!!

5 Star Review 10/7/2013

Gerald C.

Staten Island, NY
Outta this world.

Ok, I ordered this pizza with figs, goat cheese and prosciutto. Amazingly, it was so delicious. The place is gorgeous too, for a date or out with friends, or whatever.

And, the owner, Joe, walks around and makes sure that everything is good. And that, I love!

I wholeheartedly recommend this place to anyone in the area!

5 Star Review 9/26/2013

Tammy V.
Queens, NY

First visit to San Giuseppes and we were impressed for sure! Low-key, relaxing vibe, contemporary decor with high ceilings, open counter with coal oven. Brought our own wine. Plenty of parking. My GPS led to the address which was not the entrance to the restaurant. You have to go past the address and make a left into the strip-mall.

Now, on to the food. We had to try the wings, being that there was a trophy there and all. These are not hot wings; they are crispy, dry-rubbed wings covered in sauteed onions. I couldn't figure out how you're supposed to hold the wings and balance the onions on them, but believe me, you find a way. So good!

My husband and I shared a margherita pie with prosciutto and hot cherry peppers. Very highly recommend. It was covered in thin slices of prosciutto and those spicy peppers were so sweet and delicious, they made the pizza. We saved room for a dessert pizza which had shaved apples, walnuts, brown sugar and vanilla icing drizzled over it. It really was so delicious.

Our server, Nicole, was the best. She had great recommendations, she was professional, and she also was a very nice person. Nicole really wanted us to enjoy our time there. A true asset to the restaurant.

5 Star Rating 9/9/2013

Philip F.
Staten Island, NY

After my second consecutive excellent meal at San Giuseppe, I feel confident saying that this is unquestionably the best pizza in Hoboken.

Most recently, two friends and I hadthe prosciutto and date pizza. It was truly phenomenal - well cooked with top-notch ingredients (the goat cheese really takes it over the top). We also shared a pepperoni and sausage pie which was just as good.

Incredibly, as good as the pizza is here, the real star may be the coal fired wings. They are served with excellent caramelized onions and will leave you wondering how you ever even enjoyed deep fried wings.

Also, the service is excellent. A gentleman who I assume is the owner came out to ask how everything was. This was a very nice touch which we really appreciated.

I will definitely be back.

5 Star Review

Andrew D. Jersey City, NJ

I use to be the assistance chef at san guiseppes untill i had to move and I love this place!. Joe and maria are the owner's. The fact that they come out to ask if the food is good, is a plus for me. Shows that they care about the customers experience. Most places, you wont even know the owners name let alone what they look like. It made me realize the value of service. And from the view of someone behind the scene. Let me tell you that freshness, cleanliness and quality is a must when working there. I saw some reviews about the service and yes some servers might be having a bad day but thats because the pressure of san guiseppes standards are high. If something aint right then you throw it away and make it right, and fresh at that. Some servers just cant cut it. Its nice to work at a place you love to eat.

I even had my moms birthday there and it was special to me to offer a 5 star experience. Till this day my friends still go there and continue to love it.

Pies to try:
Something sweet and good: prosciutto parma de figs
Something for filling: quattro stagioni
And also try there desert pie. Its a 10 in fluffy pie glazed with Nutella, strawberries and a sprinkle of powder sugar. Yumm.

5 Star Review 7/3/2013

Val F
Martinsburg, WV

I gave San Giuseppe 5 stars for the simple reason that Yelp doesn't allow 6 stars. Everything about this place is quality, most notably the staff and the food. It's BYOB and no corking fee, in fact, we had to wait about 30 minutes for a table, and a waiter actually came outside with two wine glasses and uncorked our bottle for us while we waited! Bless this restaurant and all the good people who work there!

Yelp Review: 03/27/2012
5 Star Review

Kristen C.
Hoboken, NJ

In a town that has more mediocre restaurants than nail salons, this place is a true neighborhood gem. The chef/owner is on the premises (such a rarity these days) making the pizza and greeting the customers. As any true Italian pizza maker would do, he uses "00" flour which gives the pizza crust a nice texture with a light and airy consistency. In other words its like the pizza you get in Italy. Absolutely DELICIOUS! And after just coming from eating at DiFara's Pizza in Brooklyn and trying every pizza place in this town, San Guiseppe delivers the best pizza in Hoboken by far!!

The modern yet homey restaurant, is a nice sized place with high ceilings and warm colors. It is beautifully lit by real tealight candles that are placed on every table. All these attributes make you feel welcomed. They start you off with homemade Parmesan flatbreads, again delicious. It's BYOB, so they cork and place your wine in large stainless steel this place really in a strip mall and not on 5th avenue?! Such details like large wine glasses and a glass carafe of water on the table, make this place truly a welcomed pleasure in a town where restaurants constantly miss the mark.

Besides the pizza, we also had the tricolor salad with fresh shavings of Parmesan (really nice honey dressing, they actually use good quality olive oil), the Nonna pasta dish (brasiole, small meatballs and sausage over ziti) and the Orrechettie pasta with fresh tomato, peas and sweet sausage in a light white wine sauce. Everything was extremely fresh and the quality you get here is way better than any restaurant on Washington Street. One thing I would like to see maybe as specials or eventually on the menu is a few more protein options. Doesn't have to be many but a chicken, fish and steak dish would be the perfect addition to the menu.

Living right down the block, this place has become an instant favorite. I'm so glad to have a restaurant of this caliber "back here" in Uptown Hoboken. My family and I loved the food, ambiance and the cozy, warm feeling you got from the decor and the staff. We would gladly return any night of the week and will do so quite often! Yum!

This restaurant has QUICKLY become our favorite restaurant in Hoboken. Every dish and brick oven pizza we have tried were delicious. During fig season, they even had numerous dishes that incorporated the fruit flawlessly into both the pizzas and some specials.

Just this past weekend I tried the "family favorite" pasta dish, which is basically a sunday sauce. It was as close to my mothers as you can get!!

What a great find! Came here to celebrate my mom`s birthday. If an italian restaurant can make my parents who are from Italy happy, then it is a great place indeeed!

I just went here for a pre valentines day dinner last night. Such great customer service and delicious food! Loved the ambience and the high ceilings. It sort of feels like a loft apartment.

I am not sure if I have ever had pizza this good in my life. The pie had a large helping of fresh prosciutto on it. Not the thick chewy kind, but sliced thin and melts in my mouth kind. That was amazing. I went with 6 people and we ordered 5 entrees and a pie and did it all family style. Every entree was great, especially the pasta with lobster dish. We ended it with a dessert that was like a pizza, but had whipped cream, fresh cherries, and some nuts sprinkled on it. Every person that left there was fat and happy! The ambiance is great, it is a BYOB, the service was spectacular, and they have a FREE parking lot- very rare in Boken. The owner came to our table to see how we liked the food. I will be back again and again. Coal oven pizza is awesome and it is fun to watch the owner perfect his craft.

Atmosphere great. Food amazing. What more do you need to know.

The ambience and food are FANTASTIC! First off, the decor is warm and inviting and very intimate. It is perfect for a date night as it provides an optimal setting to have quality conversation. Also, the location is very convenient if you are looking for a lovely, scrumptious dinner before or after a movie (i.e., the new Clearview Cinemas are right next door).

I was so please with my dessert pizza I can not wait to visit San Giuseppe's again to try one of the savory coal fired pizzas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In a town that has more mediocre restaurants than nail salons, this place is a true neighborhood gem.
Overall Excellent :
I have been here a couple times now and the food is delicious! The wings are really tasty but the pizza is really AMAZING. I have been to many places in NYC and this is by far the best pizza, if you like thin crust. Perfect crust and just the right amount of cheese to sauce ratio. We also tried the pasta, and drank plenty of wine (BYOB). The sauce is just like homemade sauce. It's a new restaurant so go there while it's still a secret.

Overall Excellent :
Wow! This is as authentic as Italian gets!! My fiance and I have been to this restaurant a couple times now and every time we have gone it has been absolutely delicious. We have tried the pasta dishes - which are really old school Italian home made style. The pizza is really amazing. Thin crust, just the right amount of chew, and great proportion of sauce to cheese. The coal oven gives it that nice rustic flavor that I love! The restaurant itself is cozy and romantic - has that lighting that is just flattering for a date! Oh and its BYOB, which I love! Definitely our new go to spot for a nice dinner!!
“Hands down, best pizza!”
I went here recently on a recommendation by a friend. It is BYOB - which is great in my book and they have a local liquor store that will deliver wine if you are in need or want to replenish! We started with the wings - cooked in the coal fired oven, topped with onions - they were savory and a little sweet from the onions. I very nice combination! Then we shared a garlic pepperoni pizza. The crust was perfection! The sauce, perfectly seasoned and the cheese was just right. I am a NY'er so finding great pizza in the city can be a hassle. I have tried them ALL! This is by far the best, not only in Hoboken, but NYC. Finally we shared a pasta dish - the sugo della nonna - homemade sauce like you mom (if you are italian) made on a Sunday. Delicious!! I can't wait to go back. I wish they would have a location in Manhattan!
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